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About Abu Tazkiyah

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Abu Tazkiyah is a platform to share Islamic-based courses, lectures, videos and articles with the world. This site was developed in response to a growing demand for relevant Islamic content, grounded in the classical Islamic knowledge-legacy while addressing pertinent contemporary issues. The fast-developing modern world presents many new challenges and situations for Muslims who seek guidance from Islam in order to live righteous lives pleasing to God.

We live in an age of information overload and while knowledge is always positive, too much information from uneducated sources comes with its own challenges such as: Who should we listen to? How do we sift the reliable information from the unreliable? Why are there so many contradicting views floating around? Knowledge of Islam has always been transmitted from heart to heart in a beautiful chain linking authentic scholarship all the way back to the Prophet (peace be upon him), to the angel Jibrīl and then to God (Allāh).

The Cape Town socio-historical context within which Abu Tazkiyah is based is a unique and diverse Muslim minority that boasts a treasure-trove of multi-cultural, multi-lingual and politically free people. As a people, they have experienced a plethora of struggles through slavery, Apartheid, gender discrimination, and poverty. Throughout their three-hundred-plus-year history, Muslims of the Cape have always managed to preserve and find recourse in Islam, knowledge and their own unique cultural expressions.

This platform is based on the Islamic knowledge of the Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah scholars. The information herein is intended to be made available to all who seek to benefit therefrom. I pray that Allah accepts this endeavor of sharing knowledge as a means for my family and me to attain Tazkiyah (spiritual purification) and as a perpetual charity for Tazkiyah (my daughter).